6-Month Blogiversary

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I wrote. I wanted to be more consistent. I even bought a home computer so I could be, but life has been crazy and unfortunately, this blog has not been high on my priority list, but that is going to change. My goal is to post at least two to three times a week. I want to keep up with faith and fertility posts, but will also post about life, travel/trips, fashion, etc.

So, today is my 6 month blog anniversary or as I am loosely calling it “blogiversary”! My first post was written on May 1, 2017! A LOT has happened since then and I want to catch you all up, but this is not the post for that as I don’t want to make these really long. That’s another blogging goal of mine, is to try to get my point across and say what I need to say in as short of a post as possible. I don’t want anybody to get bored!

Right now, I have not advertised my blog to my social media bloggers. Someone told me to write for 6 months to a year and get some good, usable content and then advertise. Plus, she wanted to make sure this is something I’d like to do! Well I do like it! I love it. I’ve always loved to journal. Even though I still journal some things that are more private to me, the things I CAN share, I will through this portal. Blogging goal #3 is to get this blog set up to a paid site and looking all nice very soon so that when I do advertise, people have something nice and fun to look at.

So, to anyone reading this, a new follower, or an old…thank you! I know that blogging is a serious job and I want to take it seriously. I want to put out content that people will actually read, but also relate to and can get something from. My goal is to inspire you, but to also be real and honest with the nitty gritty things and make sure I am being 100% authentic so that you know you have a friend behind the screen!

As I pray over this blog and start to imagine what I want to get from it, I will share my goals and aspirations of blogging with you so you can all cheer me on as well as hold me accountable!

Happy Blogiversary to myself and to any other bloggers out there!

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