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Hey all! My name’s Lindsay. I live in Cincinnati, OH, even though my roots are in Indiana where I was born and raised. I began blogging in May, 2017 as a way to document our infertility journey. We have been through 7 years of ups and downs and I wanted to utilize this platform as a way to share our story, connect with and inspire others, and just have fun. My hope is that you are able to find joy even in the midst of struggles.

My day job is in the commercial insurance industry as an Underwriting Assistant for a large Fortune 500 Company. I have been married to my husband, Rob, since 2008 and we have yet to have children. We do have a black lab named Smokey and an angel cat who went home to live with Jesus, named Malibu.

I am a lover of baseball (Go Reds!), reading, crafting, shopping, wine and coffee. I am a blogger who loves to dream big dreams and chase after them with the best of my abilities. I love to make lists and am a self-proclaimed control freak (although my husband would not disagree 😉 ) I love God and am working towards a better relationship with Him and learning how to live out his Word in my daily life and to learn how to share it with others.

Joy always awaits!

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