In The Wait


20170822_114508-1Here it is. The wait! The dreaded 2-week wait. Well, for IVF, it’s more of a 10-day wait, but it still seems forever long. This is my 3rd time in this 10-day wait. We had our second frozen embryo transfer today. Two beautiful embryos were transferred into me and now we just wait. I’ve been waiting for a baby or babies for well over 7 years, so why is this any different? It could be that I’m so close. I’ve been this close before. I’ve gotten my BFP, but my BFPs have ended in a BFL (big fat loss). But I got thinking, how many times do we wait in our life? Daily, right? We wait at red lights when we’re in a hurry. Waiting on our dinner at a restaurant when we’re starving. Waiting for your husband to get ready so you can get out of the house. How do we get through these without just getting so frustrated? It’s hard!

When you’re waiting on a baby, it’s hard. You see others around you announcing their baby bumps and birth announcements. You’re so excited for them, because you know that desire. You know what the heart feels like when it longs for something, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve waited 7 years, 2 months, 16 days roughly for my baby. I’ve had more 2 week waits than I’d like to even think about. I’ve gone to countless baby showers, held numerous babies and celebrated pregnancy announcements! Pregnancy is a miracle from Heaven no matter how it is achieved. Why is it so hard though, when you’re in the wait? I think it’s because we’re told we could possibly not have a baby naturally. It’ll never happen for us. It’s a one in one million shot! But you know what’s not a long shot? God! And his grace! Psalm 37:4 says “delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart!” Delight yourself in the Lord. Press into Him. Read his word. Pray to him. Let him know that you’re there and ready to take his lead.

I am not looking forward to this wait. September 1 cannot come quick enough. Even more so, my 2nd beta the next week. I’ve made it to the first test just fine, it’s always that 2nd one. So, I am saying that my official pregnancy test is not until the week of Labor Day when we will confirm what we find out on the first. What will I do until then? Ask the Lord for peace, comfort, contentment, and joy! I already live a great life and so many wonderful distractions. When the enemy invades my thoughts all I have to do is ward him off with the name of Jesus and joy will be in my heart.

I know that this post may not have had a lot of new information in it. It was  way for me to tell you all where we are and that now we’re waiting. So let’s pray, pray and pray harder for the desires of our hearts to come to fruition!

{3-2-1} 3rd round; 2 tiny embryos; 1 expectant mama-in-the-making!

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