Worship His Holy Name

There is a song that we sing in church often that has the lyrics “worship His holy name”. Worship and praise are two component of having a relationship with Jesus that I am working on daily. Everyday I am reminded of God’s greatness and all that He does for me. Just waking up and being able to go to work is a blessing in itself. I think oftentimes we pray to God for things we want or need and that’s great. That’s what we should be doing, but are we praising and worshiping him after those things have happened? I know I am getting better and better at that.

There have been times when I have prayed very small prayers and God answered. Here is an example. I was driving home once in a huge rain storm. It was the kind of rain that the highest setting on the windshield wipers didn’t work and you still couldn’t see. It was horrible and scary. I was white knuckling the steering wheel. I couldn’t see. I just kept praying, “God, please allow this rain to let up and let me get home safely.” I couldn’t find a spot to pull over as it was hard to see and I think I was on the highway, anyhow. I knew I still had some time before I would get home, so I just wanted the rain to let up. Eventually it did and I got home safely. As soon as I was able to turn my wipers to a lower setting I just sat there driving saying “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you for keeping me safe! Thank you for stopping the rain!” I am not against the rain, but this torrential downpour was scary while driving! Some may say that wasn’t God and that the rain just stopped or as I drove further I was getting into areas of town where rain was not on the radar. But I still say it was God. He could have had it rain my entire way home. Every area of the city could have been rained on, but it wasn’t . He kept me, as well as many other drivers, safe!

I bring this up today, because as some of you may know, we are working to do our next FET (frozen embryo transfer) in August. We got a very good quote from the doctor’s office but it expires at the end of August. I became very stressed out and had no idea how we would get $2400 together in a month! Well you know what? We did! God provided! We had friends go above and beyond our expectations. We had friends working their tails off to do successful fundraisers and we even had some anonymous donors who gave us money with no recognition! It was absolutely amazing. Our doctor told us we could put down $1500 and pay the rest in $300 installments over the next few months. We appreciated that offer but did not want to do it as we just wanted it to be paid for and not have to worry about an extra expense the next three months. I just kept asking God to bring us as close to our total as he could so that we would not have to cover much else. Well He gave us exactly what we needed. We are beyond grateful of everyone’s generosity but most of all, for God’s provision.

I don’t know why I ever doubted this. If God did not want us to do a transfer in August then I feel like He would have shut that door quickly and would not have let the money come together, or would have put some other roadblock in our way. But he didn’t. To me, this is God saying, “yes! You can have this!” I will probably never know why he didn’t let us have it the last two times, but I am confident that he will this time. Maybe he just needed us to let go and trust him a bit more.

So what I am saying to you is to praise Him! Praise Him ALWAYS! Keep praying, but don’t forget to praise him when those prayers are answered and dreams come to fruition. God wants you to be happy, but it’s not always when we want it! It’s when He wants it for us!

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  1. This reminds me of a scripture verse that talks about worry… Matthew 6:25-27 talks about how God sees each bird and ensures they are feed. I love how the word says something like “If I care about every bird that much, imagine how much I must care for you”. Even though I know that scripture, it is so hard for me to remember that God is going to provide or all my needs. I love these reminders that he gives… big or small.. that He has us!


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