Half Way to Christmas 5K

I have a love-hate relationship with running. I hate it while I’m doing it and always want to quit or slow down to walk or just plain stop. But then when I’m done I love it and I’m like, “yeah that felt great. I love running. I can’t wait to do it again.” This past weekend we ran the inaugural Half Way to Christmas Half Marathon (also a 1 miler, 5K and 10K). I most definitely ran the 5K while Rob, of course, ran the half! Who doesn’t love Christmas? And who doesn’t love celebrating it in July?! Ok, so I wasn’t really that much in the Christmas spirit just because of how hot and humid it was outside. Here is my recap of the race.

The packet pickup was super easy and quick. You got a lot of swag. They gave us an ugly Christmas sweater in tech t-shirt form, some bells for our shoes, a pint glass, and our medal. They were only giving out medals to the first 400 who signed up so to make sure those people got the medals, they put them in our packets! They had a table set up with Nutcrackers which is my favorite Christmas decoration of all time! 

 I don’t normally fuel up for a 5K, but I realized that with as bad of weather conditions it was going to be, that I should make sure I am much better prepared. I am happy that I did because I woke up with this bad headache that morning, all I wanted to do was stay in bed.

Here are a few of my favorites:

 The morning of was very rainy and just muggy. They even had a half hour delay on all the races. They posted this on their Facebook page but if you didn’t check, you didn’t know. So, it was a lot of waiting.

The 5K and half marathoners went out at the same time. They were both out and backs. That was the first time I had done and out and back. I liked it but at the same time it was just a long stretch. It was along a bike trail so the people who had already turned around to come back were running at you. Not a lot of space to move. There were no cones or anything to signify one lane over another.

The view was beautiful. It was a scenic view over the Little Miami River in Miamisburg, OH, which is about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati.

 I had to do a run/walk, which I was ok with as  I haven’t run very much throughout the summer, but I still go it done in 37 minutes! With about a 12:04 pace, which I think is pretty good!

 After I was done, I was able to go up and watch the 10K and half marathoners finish their race. I was able to watch Rob come down the last half mile. He said it wasn’t his best race and he had some cramping occur, but he was not expecting to PR. I still think he did great and pushed through really well.

 It was really fun as they gave us drink tickets to trade in for one free beer at Star City Brewing Company. They even had a full buffet breakfast, Christmas music and Christmas cookies! That was my favorite part! I was going to get the cookie. It was advertised that the cookies would be on the course at the water stations along with the music, so that was kind of disappointing, however, I am happy that they didn’t have the cookies at the water stops. Can you imagine the cramp you’d get from doing that?

 All in all it was a really fun race. I love Christmas, so to get around Christmas in the middle of summer was fun. Would I do this race again? I say maybe…still only the 5K. Rob is not sold on doing it again, but I am sure I could talk him into the 5K, or maybe with a group of friends!

 Until next time. Merry Christmas in July!

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